Damn you snow!

Well, we made it to our final and last stop which is right outside of San Jose. This place (as all the others) is incredible! It’s called Xandari resort & spa in Apdo check it out, it’s pretty cool what they have here on the property.

The flight back on the puddle jumper here was a lot better then going, Janet was hilarious but that’s another story in its self!

OUR FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED – Going from Miami to Chicago. We have a 4:30 AM pick up to take us to the airport for our flight from San Jose to Miami (wish we could just stay here another night). Looks like we may have to spend the night in Miami …..oh darn!

The story continues, stay tuned!





5 thoughts on “Damn you snow!

  1. Aunt Terri says:

    So sorry about your return to reality. When you reach Miami airport and settle in for a not too long wait (I HOPE!), just close your eyes and put yourself back in paradise for a few moments of spirit refreshment. Ahhhhhhh…. I’m really so glad you had this wonderful experience with your good friend.


  2. Aunt Terri says:

    Stuck in the house all day today. About 12″ of snow outside. So I made apricot scones. The house smells GREAT! I’ll put a couple in the freezer for ya. 🙂


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