We Made it

We made it! No issues flying and Janet handled herself like a champ! The ferry left my luggage at the port but they were able to get it back to me within an hour. My freak out level was at a 5 which isn’t bad for me😅
We had a wonderful dinner and hit the hay, exhausted doesn’t even come close to I felt at 10:00!
We set sail tomorrow morning and we’ll be moving on to the boat today!

First we have to shop for food, liquor check out Tortola and get liquor ( did I say that twice)!!
Stay tuned

Fingers Crossed

Well, after three cancellations and an over night stay in Dallas we are headed home (fingers crossed). Been sitting at the airport for the last four hours spending these last hours of our extended trip (airport) bar hoping!
Yep, that’s how we roll!
As soon as I get all of our pictures together I’ll post some of them. Stay tuned, Vegas may be the next trip for the divas at the end of the month!
Thanks for following!
Much Love A & J


The Divas are in rare form!

So……had a car pick us up at 4:00am to catch our flight from San Jose to Miami! Right…..wrong! That flight to Miami got cancelled and we were rerouted to Dallas….COME ON- DALLAS! We were four hours early for that flight! We get to Dallas and our flight to Chicago has cancelled but there’s a chance we can catch standby for the 5:45 flight…. Hmmm let me make sure I understand, the 3:35 got cancelled but you are offering standby for the 5:45….what are the chances that one will leave! She says slim but maybe? We’d have to check our bags ( our bags would make it but we wouldn’t , so confused) so if the flight leaves or doesn’t leave we wouldn’t get them till tomorrow. At this point Janet had hit a diva level of about a 10.5 ( on a scale of 12) and is ready to blow! Me, I just want to go home …sleet, snow, direct or non. Dallas is about 45 degrees right now and we’re freezing, hungry, tired and ready to pounce!
Here’s to making an early morning flight!! Fingers crossed we get out!
Happy Trails

Damn you snow!

Well, we made it to our final and last stop which is right outside of San Jose. This place (as all the others) is incredible! It’s called Xandari resort & spa in Apdo check it out, it’s pretty cool what they have here on the property.

The flight back on the puddle jumper here was a lot better then going, Janet was hilarious but that’s another story in its self!

OUR FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED – Going from Miami to Chicago. We have a 4:30 AM pick up to take us to the airport for our flight from San Jose to Miami (wish we could just stay here another night). Looks like we may have to spend the night in Miami …..oh darn!

The story continues, stay tuned!





Final day in Osa

We’ve had a great stay and saw some great wildlife. To many pics to post but here’s a few! We are headed to San Jose at noon for our last night before that 6am flight back home! I hear we are getting snow?!? YUCK!
Perhaps we will stay and become wildlife guides!!

When we get home I’ll post some more pics as well as tips for those looking to take a trip like this. If there’s one piece of advice I can give it’s to PLEASE remember to tip. Tip your guides, drivers and hotel staff! I can’t tell you how many vacationers we have witnessed that do not do this and it’s a shame!







Only a few days left!

We made it to our last stop La Paloma in Osa Peninsula! This is pretty remote just like Pacuare was. The views are amazing and since we are on the pacific side there’s a chance we will see whales!

Getting here was interesting, we had to take a puddle jumper for an hour to a make shift airport, more like a hut! Janet slammed four beers and popped half a Xanax before we got on to this thing. She talked that poor old mans ear off the entire time! Poor guy ran off that plan so fast and chain smoked about four cigarettes before we even made it to our driver! I on the other hand, cried the entire time clinching my cross and repeating “oh God please don’t let us die! This plane sat about 8 people total and it was scary! I was able to come out of my fetal position a few times to get some pics.

The first night we were here we went on a night hike through the jungle with a bug/reptile expert. It’s a husband and wife team. They’ve assisted national geographic and animal planet on several episodes and articles. It was very interesting but gross. You should see some of these things out here!! YUCK

We went snorkeling yesterday and saw mama and baby spotted dolphins. along with a few white tipped sharks and plenty of fish and a turtles. There’s a ton of butterflies, I love the morpho’s ! Last night we walked the jungle path to town for a quick beer and then followed security back to our lodge, his shift started so it was nice we had the extra protection walking at night.

Today we relax! Maybe a swim at the pool, hike or a kayak trip up the river.

There’s a white faced monkey that steals cookies at the man lodge where we eat. He’s sneaky but cute and has a major sweet tooth!

Till next time!!