Fingers Crossed

Well, after three cancellations and an over night stay in Dallas we are headed home (fingers crossed). Been sitting at the airport for the last four hours spending these last hours of our extended trip (airport) bar hoping!
Yep, that’s how we roll!
As soon as I get all of our pictures together I’ll post some of them. Stay tuned, Vegas may be the next trip for the divas at the end of the month!
Thanks for following!
Much Love A & J


The Divas are in rare form!

So……had a car pick us up at 4:00am to catch our flight from San Jose to Miami! Right…..wrong! That flight to Miami got cancelled and we were rerouted to Dallas….COME ON- DALLAS! We were four hours early for that flight! We get to Dallas and our flight to Chicago has cancelled but there’s a chance we can catch standby for the 5:45 flight…. Hmmm let me make sure I understand, the 3:35 got cancelled but you are offering standby for the 5:45….what are the chances that one will leave! She says slim but maybe? We’d have to check our bags ( our bags would make it but we wouldn’t , so confused) so if the flight leaves or doesn’t leave we wouldn’t get them till tomorrow. At this point Janet had hit a diva level of about a 10.5 ( on a scale of 12) and is ready to blow! Me, I just want to go home …sleet, snow, direct or non. Dallas is about 45 degrees right now and we’re freezing, hungry, tired and ready to pounce!
Here’s to making an early morning flight!! Fingers crossed we get out!
Happy Trails