4 Days and Counting

Well, here we are!

Less than four days till the traveling divas (myself and the fine miss Hughes) take off on another adventure! We have been traveling together for years and as most of you know, finding a good travel partner is a challenge in its self. I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life with this girl and I’m very grateful to have another (thanks PM)!!

This trip is a lot different then any other one that we have been on together. Most of our trips consist of boats, beaches, sun filled days walking the streets of little towns in Italy, bar crawling in Key West or snorkeling  for hours. This trip will be hiking the jungle, white water rafting, zip lining and all with wildlife literally at our doorstep.

Wildlife, let’s talk about that for a second! We will most likely have monkeys (hanging by our bedside), some big ass snakes, big ass beetles, cougars (and I’m not talking about us), and Luca size spiders (exaggeration there). The birds, butterflies and toads I can handle but the other stuff…I may need to pack some xanax!!  Janet is use to these type of adventures! She’s been all over the world and lives for this crap…me, I typically like to take the less active route, hangout poolside and sip on a margarita…mmmm                                                                 This should be interesting……

I’m sorta already packed….Yes, I know….what can I say, I like to be organized and I like to make sure I have everything I need!

Let’s talk about the packing fiasco!

I had borrowed a backpack from a friend (thanks Mammie). Now, this is a serious, outback, strap to your back, hike in the woods (for like 2 weeks) type of pack. In theory, this would be the perfect luggage to take right, wrong! Strapping 30+ pounds to my back….. not happening. Not only was it heavy as shit but I felt like a hunchback, how could anyway stand up straight with that thing on? Now I know what donkeys feel like 🙂

Plus it limited to what other carryon I can take and I couldn’t lock it in anyway. If you’re checking in your luggage in a foreign country to leave behind for 3 days you best be able to lock it!

Sorry big red…you’re not making this trip!

Option 2

My duffle/backpack/suitcase and yes, it converts into all three! I used it for the sail trip to the BVI’s and it was great. I can lock it, check it in and be done with it and it has wheels!!!! I can also now use my favorite backpack to lug all my crap that I want to carry on to the plane. I think this will be much easier and more comfortable for me….

That’s it for now….Maybe I should blog about how I needed to shop for real, in the jungle hiking clothes? That was fun!

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