Luxury At Its Finest

Sorry, took a few days off! Saturday we departed the Pacuare Lodge and had to white water raft 5 hours down the river where a driver would be waiting to take us to our next destination. We were with the same group of people we came in with and spent most of our time there with. What a team we made!! Level 5 had nothing on us and the videos are hilarious! All I have to say is, there was a snake, a moment where we all thought we were going to flip and a whole lot of laughs! When the time came and we had to depart from one another we got a little choked up 😞
We had so much fun at Pacuare!!

Our ride to Nayara Resort took FOREVER! What was suppose to be a
2 1/2 drive ended up being 4+ due to a closed bridge and an accident. We finally made it tired, hungry and pissed off at our driver who spent those four hours playing nothing but yanni and elevator music. I wanted to take my suitcase strap and strangle myself!!

Anyway, we walked in and were blown away…each place we go to just keeps getting better and better! This is resort vacationing at it’s finest! You have to look up this place ( Arenal Nayara) . It’s been rated #4 in the world as best hotel!

Yesterday we hiked and swam the waterfall, visited a farm ( awesome food) and I zip lined for the first time ever! Janet bailed, she was too scared. This is the highest in costa rica about 3200 feet above ground! I screamed….a lot but did it and it was fun!!

Today we are taking in all this resort has to offer, swim up bar, massages, and hot springs!









Last night at Pacuare Lodge

Last night was our last at the Pacuare Lodge and what a night it was!
We had a great dinner with our new family. The folks we rafted in here with. We all connected so well so have been inseparable for the last three days. What a group we made!
Sherry (show girl) and Mark (rosy) are from Kentucky and Jackie (mama Italiana) and Thomas (DD) are from Boston!

The day started with a hike to two small waterfalls. No really wildlife was seen yesterday. A few toads, spiders and other small bugs but that’s it. At sunrise and sunset you can hear howler monkeys howling in the distance. They are across the river so no chance of them coming to visit.

We had in impromptu dance party provided by your on and only! What a great time we had!!!

Sorry wish I had more pics but most are on the camera and the gopro. Limited electricity has made things a little difficult. Till next time







Day Two…And what a day it was!!

Day Two- woke up 5 am ,really it was more like that “on and off ,alcohol induced sleep ” that keeps you tossing and turning for hours on end. Let’s say I was up at 1:30!!!! Ughhhh

Janet woke up, puked and I laughed! Told her to snap out of it! We needed to be down stairs at 6am for the ride to our next destination. She some how muscled through it, was out in time and somewhat fine from that point on! Me on the other hand, started to go down hill FAST as soon as I sat my ass in that minivan. I lost it about 1/2 hour in to our 3 hour drive. Puked in a plastic bag and had the driver pull over so I could puke some more! Bad real bad!! No sleep, alcohol and motion sickness not a good combination!!!!
We made it to the lunch spot ( beautiful) and I puked all over the nicely manicured lawn.. Needless to say I wasn’t about to eat a thing!!
Janet was fine and such a great little nurse to her finchy😘

We finally made it to the river where we needed to white water raft to our lodge. Oh boy, this is going to be fun!!Hungover, haven’t eaten and just ready to die! We gear up and I’m getting ready to get into the raft and yes… One more time I had to puke! All I can think is God, these four other people that have to be with us probably think I’m a basket case, which I really was!
As soon as we get going the fear of losing my life and the crisp cold water shooting at me from every angle snapped me out of what ever was happening to me. I felt like a new woman and ready to see the world. It was so much fun I can’t believe it’s taken 40+ years for me to even try this, I can’t wait to tackle this new found adventure on again Saturday. We stopped at a small waterfall to take a dip. Janet stuck her head under and says” D’re, come do this, it’s awesome” , sure I say…looks easy enough, right….wrong! I go, I do and I’m shot out of this waterfall like a cannon on a pirate ship! Right on my ass and dropped in a pool of water! Janet had a good laugh, payback from early I guess😋
After 2 hours of rafting (anywhere from a level 2 to a 4) down the river we finally arrived and oh what a beautiful place this is. It is very secluded, very tropical and the service is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before in my life! Other than the main office, there’s no electricity and everything is lite by candlelight. The suite is gorgeous with our very own infinite pool, view of the river and nestled in between lush surroundings at the top of the hill. Can you say “BIG PIMPIN”.
This is home for the next 2 nights.
We might not leave!!!

Last two pictures are of the lunch stop and of our new rafting friends!










We made it!!

We finally made it to CR!
Our connecting flight was a hot mess! We landed 10 minutes after our boring began for the connecting flight….Janet and I lost each other and I boarded the second flight without her … the suspense building??
I realized she wasn’t on the connecting flight and ran off the plan to find her.. She was two gates away and needless to say we made it!
What a beautiful place our first stop is!
Hotel boutique at its finest 😘
We had the best night, amazing staff, amazing food and we met some amazing fellow guests!!! Here’s to traveling and making new friends!!
Night night , we have a 5am wake-up call for our next stop!! Ughhhhh








Oh Costa Rica we’re coming for you…

So, we made it to the airport! Got up at the crack of dawn…before the crack ass of dawn….2am!

Never have been to the airport this early. We had to wait in a line for security to open! That’s a first!!

No bars are open so Janet can’t get her first vacation drink down. She’s developed a fear for flying over the past 5 years. No worries, she downed her Xanax so she’ll be just fine!

My luggage was 7 lbs over hers!!!!
Say what, how is this possible! She’s the one that ALWAYS over packs! She’ll just have to carry my shit I buy😁

Our fur kids are gonna miss us!!
And so our are our boys

Till next time folks!




4 Days and Counting

Well, here we are!

Less than four days till the traveling divas (myself and the fine miss Hughes) take off on another adventure! We have been traveling together for years and as most of you know, finding a good travel partner is a challenge in its self. I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life with this girl and I’m very grateful to have another (thanks PM)!!

This trip is a lot different then any other one that we have been on together. Most of our trips consist of boats, beaches, sun filled days walking the streets of little towns in Italy, bar crawling in Key West or snorkeling  for hours. This trip will be hiking the jungle, white water rafting, zip lining and all with wildlife literally at our doorstep.

Wildlife, let’s talk about that for a second! We will most likely have monkeys (hanging by our bedside), some big ass snakes, big ass beetles, cougars (and I’m not talking about us), and Luca size spiders (exaggeration there). The birds, butterflies and toads I can handle but the other stuff…I may need to pack some xanax!!  Janet is use to these type of adventures! She’s been all over the world and lives for this crap…me, I typically like to take the less active route, hangout poolside and sip on a margarita…mmmm                                                                 This should be interesting……

I’m sorta already packed….Yes, I know….what can I say, I like to be organized and I like to make sure I have everything I need!

Let’s talk about the packing fiasco!

I had borrowed a backpack from a friend (thanks Mammie). Now, this is a serious, outback, strap to your back, hike in the woods (for like 2 weeks) type of pack. In theory, this would be the perfect luggage to take right, wrong! Strapping 30+ pounds to my back….. not happening. Not only was it heavy as shit but I felt like a hunchback, how could anyway stand up straight with that thing on? Now I know what donkeys feel like 🙂

Plus it limited to what other carryon I can take and I couldn’t lock it in anyway. If you’re checking in your luggage in a foreign country to leave behind for 3 days you best be able to lock it!

Sorry big red…you’re not making this trip!

Option 2

My duffle/backpack/suitcase and yes, it converts into all three! I used it for the sail trip to the BVI’s and it was great. I can lock it, check it in and be done with it and it has wheels!!!! I can also now use my favorite backpack to lug all my crap that I want to carry on to the plane. I think this will be much easier and more comfortable for me….

That’s it for now….Maybe I should blog about how I needed to shop for real, in the jungle hiking clothes? That was fun!