Luxury At Its Finest

Sorry, took a few days off! Saturday we departed the Pacuare Lodge and had to white water raft 5 hours down the river where a driver would be waiting to take us to our next destination. We were with the same group of people we came in with and spent most of our time there with. What a team we made!! Level 5 had nothing on us and the videos are hilarious! All I have to say is, there was a snake, a moment where we all thought we were going to flip and a whole lot of laughs! When the time came and we had to depart from one another we got a little choked up 😞
We had so much fun at Pacuare!!

Our ride to Nayara Resort took FOREVER! What was suppose to be a
2 1/2 drive ended up being 4+ due to a closed bridge and an accident. We finally made it tired, hungry and pissed off at our driver who spent those four hours playing nothing but yanni and elevator music. I wanted to take my suitcase strap and strangle myself!!

Anyway, we walked in and were blown away…each place we go to just keeps getting better and better! This is resort vacationing at it’s finest! You have to look up this place ( Arenal Nayara) . It’s been rated #4 in the world as best hotel!

Yesterday we hiked and swam the waterfall, visited a farm ( awesome food) and I zip lined for the first time ever! Janet bailed, she was too scared. This is the highest in costa rica about 3200 feet above ground! I screamed….a lot but did it and it was fun!!

Today we are taking in all this resort has to offer, swim up bar, massages, and hot springs!









3 thoughts on “Luxury At Its Finest

  1. Ika says:

    Omg guys this is awesome and have been following u guys since Friday!! Such a great trip and looks amazing out there. Enjoy every bit of it. Lov u both. 😘😘
    That rafting was something else and no way would I had survived it. Yikes!


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