Last night at Pacuare Lodge

Last night was our last at the Pacuare Lodge and what a night it was!
We had a great dinner with our new family. The folks we rafted in here with. We all connected so well so have been inseparable for the last three days. What a group we made!
Sherry (show girl) and Mark (rosy) are from Kentucky and Jackie (mama Italiana) and Thomas (DD) are from Boston!

The day started with a hike to two small waterfalls. No really wildlife was seen yesterday. A few toads, spiders and other small bugs but that’s it. At sunrise and sunset you can hear howler monkeys howling in the distance. They are across the river so no chance of them coming to visit.

We had in impromptu dance party provided by your on and only! What a great time we had!!!

Sorry wish I had more pics but most are on the camera and the gopro. Limited electricity has made things a little difficult. Till next time







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