Day Two…And what a day it was!!

Day Two- woke up 5 am ,really it was more like that “on and off ,alcohol induced sleep ” that keeps you tossing and turning for hours on end. Let’s say I was up at 1:30!!!! Ughhhh

Janet woke up, puked and I laughed! Told her to snap out of it! We needed to be down stairs at 6am for the ride to our next destination. She some how muscled through it, was out in time and somewhat fine from that point on! Me on the other hand, started to go down hill FAST as soon as I sat my ass in that minivan. I lost it about 1/2 hour in to our 3 hour drive. Puked in a plastic bag and had the driver pull over so I could puke some more! Bad real bad!! No sleep, alcohol and motion sickness not a good combination!!!!
We made it to the lunch spot ( beautiful) and I puked all over the nicely manicured lawn.. Needless to say I wasn’t about to eat a thing!!
Janet was fine and such a great little nurse to her finchy😘

We finally made it to the river where we needed to white water raft to our lodge. Oh boy, this is going to be fun!!Hungover, haven’t eaten and just ready to die! We gear up and I’m getting ready to get into the raft and yes… One more time I had to puke! All I can think is God, these four other people that have to be with us probably think I’m a basket case, which I really was!
As soon as we get going the fear of losing my life and the crisp cold water shooting at me from every angle snapped me out of what ever was happening to me. I felt like a new woman and ready to see the world. It was so much fun I can’t believe it’s taken 40+ years for me to even try this, I can’t wait to tackle this new found adventure on again Saturday. We stopped at a small waterfall to take a dip. Janet stuck her head under and says” D’re, come do this, it’s awesome” , sure I say…looks easy enough, right….wrong! I go, I do and I’m shot out of this waterfall like a cannon on a pirate ship! Right on my ass and dropped in a pool of water! Janet had a good laugh, payback from early I guess😋
After 2 hours of rafting (anywhere from a level 2 to a 4) down the river we finally arrived and oh what a beautiful place this is. It is very secluded, very tropical and the service is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before in my life! Other than the main office, there’s no electricity and everything is lite by candlelight. The suite is gorgeous with our very own infinite pool, view of the river and nestled in between lush surroundings at the top of the hill. Can you say “BIG PIMPIN”.
This is home for the next 2 nights.
We might not leave!!!

Last two pictures are of the lunch stop and of our new rafting friends!










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